Hi, I’m Ellen. I’m a 38-year old artist, mother, teacher, and gallery assistant from Modesto, California. I wanted to share some of myself, my life, and my experience using Facial Toner, so my husband helped me design this blog site. 

After feeling some skepticism in my heart about this product, I just felt compelled to get my message out there. This product has worked so well for me, and I honestly just want to tell the world about it, as well as share the stories from other people and some of what I learned about this product. 

You are probably thinking I’m either a liar, or an idiot, or both. I hope I’m not either. Sharing this kind of information is just part of my nature. I wasn’t coerced into writing this. It’s about a personal journey, one I think a lot of women, and maybe a few men, can relate to. 

I assure you my story is true, and the results I, and everyone who knows me, have witnessed, are real and amazing. How did I come to be a person who would order a product like the Facial Toner and talk about it on the internet? Well, it’s a funny thing.

I’m going to have to make some embarrassing admissions here. The first is that I was vain about my face. The trouble is, as soon as I realized this, or came to grips with the fact that I was “pretty,” I started to lose my looks.

 That seems like an old-fashioned expression, something from my mother’s generation. Women my age are supposed to be more enlightened, liberated, less shallow and superficial. But we all know that’s BS, right? I mean, more women than ever, of every age and station are getting plastic surgery, injections, and paying thousands of dollars year after year to turn back the hands of time, to look younger, more youthful, and beautiful.

In my mid-thirties, I started seeing the lines around my eyes, the creases at the corners of my mouth and instead of appreciating my life, laughter and the journey that got me here, I started feeling depressed, washed up, and over the hill. 

I looked at my husband, who seemed to be getting better looking. I noticed he was getting noticed by women my age and younger. He looked distinguished. More handsome than when he was twenty. And I was looking saggy, tired, and just plain old. It didn’t seem fair. 

After I worked through some of my issues, I decided to take action. What else could I do? I am not one to “go gentle into that good night”. I want to enjoy my ENTIRE life. And I wanted to look good doing it.
I mean, I work hard on my body, staying fit with yoga, Pilates, lifting weights and walking. I am not a vegetarian, strictly (I couldn’t live without my beloved In ‘n’ Out burgers) but I do try to eat mostly healthy. 

You know what Michael Pollan says about eating mostly plants, etc. I grow a lot of my own vegetables, and belong to a CSA. I have even persuaded my husband to eat quinoa and beans with my amazing cooking skills! 

I take care of myself. I make it a point to keep my body running like a sacred machine, and I enjoy the lifestyle practices afforded to me. The more I thought about it, it only made sense that ensuring the enduring health and appearance of my face is no more superficial an activity than caring for my body. Mind-body wellness is holistic, and that includes this slightly sagging, no longer plump and wrinkle free skin.

I tried everything, it seems. I used the high-end creams from department stores here and in Europe. They feel delicious on your skin, to be sure, but I did not see the results I was looking for. 

I went in for injectables at my favorite spa. Those silly little procedures we all have at least heard of, so popular in recent years, are, in a word, strange. If you’ve never tried them, you’re lucky. I never looked like a slightly younger, well-rested version of myself, so much as though I were wearing a vaguely puffy mask. It wasn’t good. My husband called me a pod person and said, and I quote, my face, “creeped him out.” Not exactly the response I was hoping for. 

Fortunately, fillers don’t last. Back to the drawing board for me. 

I drew the line at surgery. Real, under the knife under anesthesia surgery frightened me and seemed like too great a length to go to for a few lines and wrinkles. 

I mean, what if I never woke up? Or didn’t recognize myself in the mirror? I do want to be a good example for my daughters and future grandchildren and put my health first and foremost. Longevity, wellness, and lastly, appearance. That was my mantra. And I stuck to it. Oh, but I wanted to feel pretty again.

Determined to find a solution that was reasonable – that is not risky, well-priced, with some real scientific research and results standing behind it, I finally came across a review of Facial Toner, which utilizes already-proven technology. This product looked professional and easy to use. 

 I was ready to take matters into my own hands, tired of seeing dermatologists and skin technicians who meant well but weren’t solving my problems. I wanted something high end and use-friendly. I thought, “Could this be it?”

As much as I want to live like a free spirit, I am at heart a good girl and a rule-follower. Class secretary and hall monitor, forever! So I was relieved and encouraged to learn more about Facial Toner upon reading that it’s FDA cleared. 

Like I said, health is foremost. I had never heard of the Flex Range products and I must admit, I was
skeptical about them. I, personally, like exercise, though I know a lot of people don’t. For me, it’s a matter of sanity. 

When I workout I decrease my stress and increase those positive brain chemicals naturally. I love to release endorphins and push my body. I love to move, whether inside or outside, at a yoga class or hiking through the woods. I always feel happier and more productive if I have stretched, sweated, smiled through an arduous routine. I like to burn calories, which is a good thing, because I also love to eat them!

I felt it was positive that Facial Toner had been sold exclusively at Herrod’s London, before it became available here in the U.S. To me, that spoke to its pristine quality and target market. At this point in my life I am looking for more than value. I want the best. 

I had used sonic cleansing devices that are also supposed to rejuvenate skin, and, honestly, I didn’t get the hype. I found the results lackluster. Maybe if I was in my twenties, I would have been more impressed. 

But at this point, my issues were more than skin deep. The muscles behind my skin were weakened, and Facial Toner addresses that specifically. By stimulating the nerves, actually, it works to rejuvenate facial expression muscles. It seemed simple and elegantly designed. I was ready to go for it.

Was I skeptical? Sure. Was I desperate? Maybe. But I had done my research. That’s for sure. I knew that the technology was solid. But would it work for me? 

In the days that I was waiting for my order to arrive, I started second-guessing myself and worrying that my muscles were just too far gone. Then, it came! I was like a kid getting a prize from the back of a catalog. I have always loved getting mail.  

As I unpacked my Facial Toner I was pleased with its presentation and professional appearance. It certainly lived up to what I’d seen and read. That, in itself, was the first relief. There’s always that chance, when you order from the internet, of a bait and switch; but this was definitely not junk. It was on par with medical/salon equipment I have seen and used.

But how does it feel? I have to be honest: it feels a little funny at first. Not uncomfortable or painful. I don’t know how to describe it – the pads tickle a little. But you get used to it, and the headset is very comfortable. I wore it while I checked email and read the papers online. 

When my first twenty minutes was up I scrutinized my face in the mirror, saw no change, and went on about my day. Now, you’re not supposed to see anything for about a few weeks and “optimal results” only after three months. 

So I decided I wasn’t going to worry. Ha! No, I was going to use Facial Toner as prescribed, but otherwise not change my routine and not spend hours every day looking in the mirror like a wicked old queen. I did take my photo on day one, then I tried to let it go. Anxiety is bad for the skin and spirit, they say. I also didn’t tell a soul.

That’s unlike me. As I said, I am a communicator and a major (over)sharer. My sister and I talk every day and are always gabbing about products we love, as well as books, films, art exhibits, and music. It was very tough not to tell Suki about my experience using Facial Toner. But I kept my mouth shut in the interest of getting her real and honest reaction. I didn’t know what to expect.

I hadn’t seen her for about six weeks. She lives a couple of hours south of me and had been traveling. We met in the middle for lunch and when she saw me she exclaimed. “You. Look. Gorgeous.” And then an accusatory, “What have you done?” implying, I think, secret surgery or black magic. 

Finally, she repeated how wonderful I looked. How like myself. How fresh and glowing. I loved all the praise and immediately spilled the beans. I told her everything about Facial Toner and what I had found. Of course, she wanted one for herself.

By the way, when I came home from that lunch date with Suki and told my husband about what occurred he let out a whoop of relief. Apparently, he had thought I looked different, amazing, in fact, but was afraid to comment, because I had become so sensitive about my looks. Happy husband, happy Ellen. 

I finally gave myself permission to look, really look at my face. I sat at my vanity and turned on the light – a practice I had been reluctant of in recent years. And oh my goodness, did I like what I saw. My face. My wonderful face! It was me. But with firm skin. It was plump and smooth and taut and healthy. I looked better but not frozen or strange. 

I just looked like me, but younger. It was such a fantastic feeling.

I like how I look again. And I know looks aren’t everything. But in our culture, where you value youth and beauty so much, it is important to look your best. 

I wanted it for me, though. Not for my husband or society or my career. I needed this boost. I needed that confidence back. That’s what Facial Toner has done for me – it has restored me to my former self. I am now in the full power of my middle years. I am smart, successful, in great physical shape and I have gorgeous skin. I am serene, finally satisfied. And I didn’t have to go under the knife.

Yes, it was a risk. But I felt that the substance, the science, the research was all there. I knew what I was getting in to. Facial Toner is a marvelous product. And I highly recommend it to anyone who wants toned, taut, firm, plumped, healthy skin. 

Remember, beauty is more than skin deep. Treat yourself right and get to the heart of the matter. This is a device for women who have tried the rest and are ready for the best. The best of everything – remember that? I finally feel like I have it all. Thanks for listening.